The Politics

Stella Harper finally achieved her childhood dream of becoming a presidential campaign manager. But when she is notified of her mama's deteriorating health, she makes the difficult decision to fly home to Mississippi for Christmas to try and convince the stubborn woman to move into the local nursing home. However, she comes face-to-face with her very own Ghost of Christmas Past, a.k.a her ex-fiancé, a little too soon. Stella is forced to reevaluate the actions that led her to her present life-the good, the bad, and the heart-breaking. 

Lucas Grady, high school teacher and soccer coach, is on the verge of becoming the Athletic Director for Dasher Valley High. To secure the position, he needs to impress the higher-ups by putting together the booths for the (Not So) Winter Wonderland for all the sports teams at his school. But his personal Ghost of Christmas Past swoops into his life after ten years and threatens every plan he’s made. Struggling to forgive the one person who tore his world apart, Lucas must find a way to reconcile his desires with the punt God has kicked his way. 

When forced to help each other through the Christmas season, they get an opportunity to mend their pasts, live fully in their presents, and decide the fate of their futures. 

Stella plans to be in and out of Mississippi. Lucas is counting down the days until she leaves for good. Neither of them seeks a second chance, but God has a way of jumbling the best laid plans.

The Politics of Christmas is book one in "The Politics Of..." series



The Designated Friend is a sweet best friends-to-lovers road trip romantic comedy!

The Designated Friend is book one in the "Love in the 'Sip" series.